” A good question makes the mind buzz, it offers a challenge to thinking, a search for understanding. “
  Robert Fisher


We offer coaching for individuals, at all levels in the organisation, executives as well as team coaching. Coaching can cover numerous aspects e.g. a personal developmental focus, career coaching, leadership coaching, return to work or retirement to name a few.  Anita has 10+ years coaching with Neurodivergent clients. We use a number of tools that we ensure are relevant for each client and their situation. One such tool is Clean Language, developed by David Grove. It helps an individual explore their own understandings and views, and then focuses on developing action and gaining feedback.

Anita has a systems approach supported by Clean Language principles and Constellations tools which can be applied effectively when Consulting with teams. 

Anita believes in the continuous development of her own skills and therefore regularly undertakes supervision and CPD, this ensures she maintains a rigour to her coaching and that she provides the highest quality of both coaching and supervision to her clients. She is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and an Accredited Professional Executive Coach Member of the Association for Coaching.

Anita provides supervision for coaches either 1- 1 or as a group and has ILM level 7 in Coach Supervision.  ILM 7 badge

Anita is a Certified Practitioner of Strengthscope® this tool, which focuses on strengths and recognises you at your best, provides the client with an opportunity to explore their strengths in-depth as part of a coaching session.

The way that the Strengthscope® platform does this is to help individuals identify who they are when at their best, the qualities and strengths that make them different and how they can utilise these qualities in order to drive up their confidence, engagement with work, productivity and build better relationships with colleagues.

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