” Everything is a learning lesson “


From the moment we step into the world of work we are learning new skills applying our abilities and needing to adapt to change. Part of developing is knowing what you are good at and using those skills and abilities to their full. We are all about enabling you to work at your best here at Hayne Consulting.

Sometimes we need to rediscover things, take a fresh approach or just plain learn something completely new and that is all about development. Much has been said about people being the greatest assets in an organisation but honestly an organisation wouldn’t exist without people, so we need to tend to and develop everyone, making sure they grow as individuals and keep giving back to the world of work and the wider community.

At Hayne Consulting our focus is about creating a one off developmental experience that achieves the outcome you are looking for. That means we don’t have a list of courses but we develop and facilitate workshops that are unique to you.

Delivering and Facilitating Team Workshops

Focused subject workshops e.g. productivity, feedback, wellbeing

Leadership and Management Skills

New Leadership Team Development

Covey 7 Habits Workshops

Team Leader Workshops

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